Lung cancer claims

If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer because of the type of work you perform, then you may be able to make an industrial disease compensation claim.


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What is lung cancer?

According to Cancer Research UK, lung cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK, and 13% of cases are down to occupational exposure.

Lung cancer is caused by carcinogenic chemicals getting into the bloodstream through inhalation, ingestion or contact with the skin. This causes changes in the lungs, which can result in the development of cancerous malignant tumours.

The two main causes for lung cancer are tobacco smoke and other chemicals and health hazards used in certain industries.

There are often few symptoms of lung cancer, until tumours are fairly developed. Symptoms can include a persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue and unexpected weight loss.

There are a number of carcinogens known to be common in industrial disease, such as:

  • Asbestos (which can also develop into mesothelioma) and radon – encountered in construction and building maintenance
  • Diesel engine exhaust – mechanics and car production
  • Soot or smoke – mining industries
  • Silica dust – common in construction materials and glass manufacture
  • Coal/coke – mining industries
  • Arsenic and chromium
  • Metals such as aluminium, iron and steel – common in car and boat manufacture, metal production and welding
  • Pesticides – common in agricultural jobs

Why make a lung cancer claim?

A diagnosis of lung cancer is a big thing to take in. Your first thought will be treatment, therapies and appropriate nursing care. But there are financial pressures to consider too, such as:

  • Continuing treatment and medication
  • Psychological therapy
  • Any equipment that will make life easier
  • Mobility aids
  • Modifications within the home
  • Care for you and your loved ones
  • Loss of earnings
  • Ability to return to work

Making a claim for lung cancer compensation could ease those financial worries, allowing you to concentrate on getting the care you need.

Find out more about making a claim.

How can First4Lawyers help?

Your condition may be the result of industrial disease or medical negligence due to late or misdiagnosis of lung cancer. Whatever the circumstances, we’ll assess your case and if you’re likely to have a claim, we’ll allocate an experienced industrial disease solicitor.

Their expertise will give you the best chance of being successful in your claims for lung cancer compensation. We offer No Win No Fee services, so you have no upfront costs to pay.

You are under no obligation to go ahead with anything unless you are happy to do so.

Only pay a fee if you receive compensation

Our No Win No Fee solicitors will take a success fee from the compensation you are awarded for a successful claim in the form of a percentage of your damages. This could be up to 25% but it won't be more than that, except in cases of road traffic accidents and housing disrepair. Changing laws mean our solicitors will now take a payment of 35% of the final compensation amount plus VAT for all road traffic accident and housing disrepair claims.

First4Lawyers are an award-winning claims management company with a track record of delivering service that our clients love.

How much compensation will I receive for a lung cancer claim?

Compensation amounts very much depend on the individual case, but broadly speaking the Judicial College Guidelines give a range between £61,410 and £85,340 for lung cancers. They will take into account factors like the extent of the disease, duration, extent of life loss, quality of life and extent of surgery required.

Is there a time limit for making a claim?

Industrial disease and occupational injury claims should usually be issued within three years from the date of diagnosis. However, lung cancer symptoms often develop over a substantial period of time, and it may take time for you to associate the illness with your job.

If you’re in doubt, just contact us and we’ll go through your case with you. Your initial consultation is free and there is no obligation to commit to anything.

I think I have a claim, what do I do next?

You can enquire about a lung cancer compensation claim by getting in touch with our friendly and compassionate advisors.

Just give us a call, request a call back or start your claim online.


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