Hotel Accident Claims

After working hard to save for a well-deserved holiday in the sun the last thing you want is to end up cutting your trip short or being stuck in bed or hospital because of an accident in the hotel that wasn’t your fault.


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What does hotel accidents cover?

The term ‘accidents in hotels’ does not just cover slips, trips or falls caused by someone else’s negligence, it also covers any illness caused by poor hygiene such as food poisoning and bed bugs.

First4Lawyers are here to help you make a claim for compensation if you have suffered an accident or illness abroad.

Our expert advisors will assess your case before guiding you through the claims process. Then one of our specialist accident abroad solicitors will manage your case to the end.

What should you do if you have suffered an accident in your hotel?

Your immediate priority will be to seek treatment for any injury you have suffered. However there are a number of steps you can take to help support your case for compensation following an accident in a hotel:

  • Seek treatment
    Go to the local doctors or hospital for treatment and ask for a record of any treatment given.
  • Pictures
    Take pictures of where the accident occurred. Try and include close-up shots of any defects that may have caused the accident. Use things like a coin, box of matches or a mobile phone next to the defect to show the scale of the defect.
  • Inform
    Let your rep and the hotel know about the accident as soon as possible.
  • Record
    Ask them to record details of the incident in their accident book.
  • Witnesses
    Take the details of any witnesses so they can be contacted at a later date.

Don’t worry if you haven’t managed to do any of the above, we can still help you make a case for compensation but it is important that you contact us as soon as possible so we can get your claim started.

Have you booked a package holiday?

If you have booked a package holiday then you benefit from the protection of the Package Travel Regulations.

It is these regulations that enable us to make a claim on your behalf - they cover you throughout your holiday on all aspects, including:

  • Car hire/coach transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Flights
  • Excursions

What doesn't count as a package holiday?

It should be made clear to you that transport and accommodation is being booked separately when you book, for example one booking for the airline and one for the accommodation.

You may use the same website to make the booking, but if they are from different providers then it is not a package holiday.

The package holiday regulations are not to be confused with ATOL holiday protection, which covers losing money, being stranded abroad and flight delays/cancellations.

Time limits on making a claim

Typically you have to make a claim for any injury or accident within three years of the accident happening.

However if you were 18 or under when the accident happened then the time period is different.

The rules for accidents in hotels abroad are no different and it is always best to make your claim as soon as possible while the facts of the case remain fresh.

Our fully qualified legal advisors are on hand to answer any questions you may have about making a claim for an accident in a hotel.

Stay safe on holiday – tips on how to prevent accidents happening

  • Wear appropriate footwear around the pool.
  • Report any slippery or uneven surfaces.
  • Check for any faulty appliances or sharp objects in your hotel room.
  • Hire from reputable organisations – make sure if you hire a moped or car it has been well maintained and is safe.
  • Think safety – just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean you become indestructible – if you are doing a sporting activity or hiring a moped then wear the appropriate safety gear.
  • Know your limits – enjoy yourself but know when to stop especially with alcohol and too much time in the sun.

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